The new Eagle in the sky...

The G-250 Eagle is a two-seat ultralight high-tech helicopter, equipped by aeronautical turbine; this type of aircraft is an innovation for the sector in terms of weight and power, with a greater range of operating altitude reached and different climatic condition of operability, compared to the aircraft of the same size.

This helicopter has been designed and built with particular attention to the research of the most innovative materials in order to obtain the maximum yield in terms of structural strength at minimum weight possible, allowing to have as result an excellent aerodynamic.

In view of this considerations, it can be used in different circumstances and with very different operational purposes, due to its excellent characteristics to adapt to user requirements, to its highest performance in the category, as well as its high maneuverability and reliability.




The G-250 Eagle is equipped by an innovative light weight turboshaft engine offering up to 250 hp output. This turbine is a great innovation for the sector, in fact it allows to have minimum fuel consumption, easy maintenance, low weights with high power.




To interface the turbine to the aircraft it has been designed an innovative drive system. This brand new idea of transmission is born to make the most of spacing in the light helicopter and to be able to have a compact and light drive system.



The cockpit is designed to give the passengers the best possible spacing, optimizing the comfort. In the upper part all the avionic instruments, in the lower one all the switches, breakers and all commands to the avionics. All of them located to have an extreme easy access and facility of use of all parts.



Lenght (overall): 28,84 ft (8,79 m)
Height (overall): 8,89 ft (2,71 m)
Width (overall): 4,23 ft (1,29 m)

Turboshaft TS100 DA
Horsepower: derated to 140 hp

MTOW: 1433 lb (650 kg)
EW: 794 lb (360 kg)

Maximum airspeed: 105 kts (194 km/h)
Cruise speed: 95 kts (176 km/h)
Maximum range: 254 nm (470 km)
Hover ceiling IGE (650 kg): 7000 ft (2130 m)
Hover ceiling OGE (600 kg): 7600 ft (2315 m)
Maximum operating altitude: 15000 ft (4570 m)

JET A, JETA1 o JETB fuel
Maximum fuel capacity: 45 US gal (170 liters)