GC Rotorsgroup s.r.l. is delighted to announce its new partnership with Savback Helicopters to bring their ultra-light helicopters to a global audience.

The GC ROTORSGROUP s.r.l. is really excited to have finally found in Savback Helicopters AB the right commercial partner for the worldwide distribution of our innovative G-250 Eagle ultra-light helicopter. Following multiple distribution offers, we considered Savback Helicopters the only company in line with our principles and therefore we are proud to entrust the Savback family and its team with the important and demanding task of conveying this technology, the result of years of research, passion and dedication, creating a high performance product with a strictly Made in Italy design.” – Claudio Grillo, CEO GC Rotorsgroup s.r.l.



G-250 Eagle was presented to the public at the Singapore Airshow 2018 and received excellent feedback. Attracted by the absolute novelty of a two-seat helicopter with turboshaft engine, it was appreciated by thousands of visitors. Thanks to the numerous visitors at our stand, we have collected data for many potential customers who want to be updated on the development steps and upcoming events where G-250 Eagle will take part.