Freedom of flight

From beautiful Aprilia in Italy, GC Rotorsgroup delivers the future of ultra-light flying.

G-250 Eagle

The G-250 Eagle is a two-seat ultralight high-tech helicopter, equipped with an aeronautical turbine.

The aircraft is an innovation in ultra-light flight, both in terms of weight and power.

It has reached a greater range of operating altitude. And can operate in different climate conditions, compared to aircrafts of a similar size.

Made in Italy

GHT Helicopters is proudly a part of the family owned company GC Rotorsgroup.

We produce the G-250 Eagle ultra-light helicopter from beautiful Aprilia in Italy. 


The brochures are currently being finalized by our team, and will be available on the website soon.

Send us a brochure request, and we will email it to you as soon as it is available.

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We have a support team ready to assist your purchase of the G-250 Eagle, and answer all your questions.

If you require assistance with maintenance, training or exchange parts, contact us any time.