About Us

GHT Helicopters is proudly a part of the family owned company GC Rotorsgroup. We produce the G-250 Eagle ultra-light helicopter from beautiful Aprilia in Italy.

Family owned company

The facilities in Aprilia cover an area of over 86000 square feet. Of which around 43000 square feet are dedicated to the research, development and production of our helicopters.

Our driving force was to create a vehicle that could guarantee both security and freedom.

Made in Italy

A team of specialists in a diverse field, dedicated to provide our clients with the best products and the highest standard of technological evolution.

Taking advantage of many years of experience of our team, we have been able to give life to this new project. Providing freedom of movement, reducing travel times and an ease of use helicopter.


PBS Velká Biteš

From several years we have collaborated with PBS Velka Bites for development and setup of turbines. PBS Velká Bíteš is a globally recognised hi-tech manufacturer of power units and other equipment in the field of aerospace.


Savback Helicopters

In Savback Helicopters AB, and their 30 years experience in the helicopter markets, we have found the right commercial partner for the worldwide distribution of our innovative G-250 Eagle ultra-light helicopter.


From many years we collaborate with universities and research institutes, such as Roma Tre University and University La Sapienza. We offer to undergraduates the possibility to perform stage and thesis. We do this, to both to study new solutions, and to continuously make improvements.